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Pandimensional Productions

Rob's Pile of Transformers

Site located at Tripod.
Those shape-changing toy robots from the 80s live on, bigger, better, and as beloved as ever.

Built St. Louis

The architecture of St. Louis, Missouri -- links to it on the Web, as well as photographs and ramblings on how it's been neglected and, all too often, destroyed.

And here is the page of Happy Fun Junk.
Page located at Geocities.


This page is basically a jumping-off point. The two links above will take you to the two web sites I maintain. On this page, and this page alone, will you find stuff that doesn't relate to the above sites. Which is another way of saying, there's not much here. All the goodies are up above.

At one point, I was going to put some fancy graphics on this page, and give the site a unified look, and other such crud. I finally decided it wasn't worth the bother. So in keeping with my personal philosophy of simple web pages, here is an utterly plain biographical information/miscellaneous rant page.


My favorite color: green. In real life I'm more out of focus than this.
Self-indulgent stuff about me:
My name's Robert Powers, but you're welcome to call me Rob. I currently am living in Milwaukee for graduate school purposes, though I have a strange and inexplicable attachment to St. Louis, where I went to college.

I love exploring cities, photography, architecture and architectural history (especially that of St. Louis), biking (the faster the better), swimming, writing, reading, Usenet, going out dancing, music of almost all kinds, Transformers (yes, the robots from the 1980s), guitar (though I have little skill and even less talent), and traveling, both by car and by bike.

I swam competitively on year-round teams from seventh grade to the end of college; now I bike, play volleyball, and run to keep from turning into a shapeless blob.

I love music. Oh man, do I love music. Classic rock is sort of my mainstay, the stuff I fall back on when all else fails, but I like at least a little bit of everything.

Here's my obligatory, standard rant about classic rock radio: they play some good stuff. They neglect a whole lot more good stuff, though. What they play, they play so much that any power or personal meaning it once had is lost, reducing the music to just annoying background noise.

What bothers me even more is that there is a vast amount of classic rock that gets no airplay at all, simply because it never went top ten. Ever heard of Heartsfield? The Strawbs? The Michael Stanley Band? Renaissance? Gypsy? They and dozens of other obscure 60s and 70s bands have plenty of great songs that are never heard, while the big hits of groups like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Aerosmith are beaten into the ground by radio stations that, all across the country, play the exact same songs. And great artists like the Kinks and Neil Young get short shrift by the same stations, who ignore the vast majority of their catalogues and will only play their biggest hits (for example, all you'll really hear by the Kinks on most radio stations are: "You Really Got Me", "All Day and All of the Night", and "Lola".) (Here's a station that, on Sunday mornings, actually does play tons of the good old stuff: KHSE 95 in St. Louis.)

Current radio does little better. You're very lucky if you have a station near you that regularly plays the likes of Bruce Cockburn, Son Volt, Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, Lucy Kaplanski, Crash Test Dummies, anything by Van Morrison that's not 25 years old, Phish, anything by the Grateful Dead besides "Truckin'", or any of the tons of other lesser-known artists that are putting out quality work today. (Here's a station that does: WXPN in Philadelphia.)

Okay... that's my rant. And that's the end. Now go to one of my real pages, dammit.

This page last dabbled with: August 26th, 2000.